Drupal 8 Responsive Web Design

I am currently writing Drupal 8 Responsive Web Design for Packt Publishing. It should be released towards the end of 2014, hopefully near the release of Drupal 8.

My goal is to share the concepts and tools that help readers more easily build responsive websites that look great with Drupal 8.

I will be sharing more information about my work on the book in upcoming months.

A Chasing After Wind

A Collection of Speculative Fiction Short Stories

One of my ambition’s in life has been to write science fiction and fantasy. For about ten years, I did just that. The culmination of that work was a short story collection, my college thesis, A Chasing After Wind: A Collection of Speculative Fiction Short Stories.

A Chasing After Wind is not just a short story collection; another story surrounds the telling of these stories. These contemporary stories walk the border between science fiction and fantasy, where moments of humor emerge from tragedies. Is this struggle in vain, a chasing after wind? Or does everyone deserve a second chance? (View detailed description below)

That’s the theme of these stories, and though I wrote them a dozen years ago or more, I recently found myself re-reading them and being entertained. I had made several copies at the time of my short story collection, for friends and family. Now, I have the ability to share these with far more people, as an ebook. That technology wasn’t available then. Now, anybody can publish their work.

Smashwords was invaluable to me in publishing this work. They offer solid advice and an easy process to submit your work to most major ebook sellers, except for Amazon. I published directly to Amazon using Kindle Direct Publishing. I also published directly to Barnes & Noble using PubIt. I skipped publishing directly to Apple, because quite frankly, the review process is long and intimidating. Smashwords worked well for me publishing to the iBookstore.

So without further ado, you can find my short story collection at:

How much? Initially, I priced this at $4.99. I recently decided that for a Labor Day special, I would drop the price to $2.99, at least temporarily.

One downside to Smashwords, unfortunately, is that price changes take a bit to filter out to all of the ebook store. So at the time I’m writing this, the price is $2.99 for Smashwords, Kindle, and Barnes & Noble, but still $4.99 everywhere else. By the time you’re reading this, that might have changed.

One of the benefits of buying with Smashwords is that you will have copies available for all major e-readers, including Kindle, iBooks, the Nook, and more. So if you want to future-proof yourself, check out Smashwords.

So, that’s my book. I hope you take a moment to check it out. You can get a free sample at all of the locations listed above. I’ve included a more detailed description below.

What am I working on next? I have been noodling around with stories, and maybe potentially novels, based on the mythology of ancient Mesopotamia. Hopefully I will have more to report soon.

Thanks for taking a moment to learn about my book!

Detailed description

A man sits shrouded in darkness within a nearly abandoned coffee shop. A few customers linger as a cold wind blows outside. He listens to the tales told within while sipping a spiced chai. For some, these stories would be dismissed as fanciful science fiction or mere fantasy, but for him, they are all too real.

A reflection escapes from a mirror: he could believe it.

When the clock strikes midnight, obesity will become a felony; is a pill that can melt fat in mere moments the only solution? This man knows the answer to that question all too well.

The immortality of a stunt man nears its end at a saloon in the Superstition Mountains. Yes, he'd heard that tale before.

A wish to look thin is taken all too literally? He knew the dangers of wishes.

Is a world-famous pianist's career worth the price of a pinky? If he only knew the prices he would pay when this all began.

What could someone accomplish without the need to sleep, by switching back and forth between two bodies? All too much; far, far too much.

The telling of these stories unlocks uncomfortable truths, and a confrontation that changes everything.